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Sergio and Ivia RodriguezThis website is owned and operated by Sergio Rodriguez, a Webmaster from South Florida. In addition to his engineering career, computers have always been of great interest to Sergio. When the World Wide Web first came along, it completely fascinated him to the point of researching and learning as much as he possibly could about this massive global network of computers. Before long, he was designing and building websites for friends and co-workers. This new found hobby eventually led him to become accredited as a Certified Webmaster.

This particular site was started as a result of countless hours wasted on the Internet in search of the perfect wine rack to fit his needs. Sergio quickly realized that there was just too much contradictory information out there and decided to provide an all-inclusive guide for those in search of information regarding the proper storage of wines. Driven by his entrepreneurial mindset, he decided to launch an on-line publishing business dedicated to providing educational websites for on-line consumers, which now covers a variety of topics throughout many different industries.

Career-wise, Sergio is a Research & Development Associate Engineer with over 25 years of experience working within the Medical Device Industry. He takes great pride in his many contributions to the medical field. His technical abilities and creativity have resulted in him being instrumental in the conceptualization through to commercialization of various medical devices, many for which he holds United States Patents. Academically, Sergio has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has also completed numerous courses in Software Engineering and Business Administration.

Sergio lives in Miami with his beautiful wife Ivia. Although not currently working in her field, Ivia is a licensed Dental Assistant with over 10 years of experience working with various dentists and oral surgeons. She has completed several specialized courses within the dental field and has received countless letters of recognition from different specialists in appreciation of her superb collaboration. These days, Ivia is not only helping to manage their on-line publishing business from home, but also runs her own Internet based beauty products business.

In addition to both of their growing businesses, the couple have been blessed with three wonderful children. The eldest, Alexander, often helps dad with Web designs and ideas for future sites while his younger sister, Karina, enjoys sharing her beauty tips and ideas with mom. And as for baby Vanessa, well she just does a fantastic job of keeping them all on their toes.

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