Some Fun and Interesting Facts About Wine

Ever wonder how much wine is consumed across the world each year? Well here’s the answer, along with many more fun and interesting facts about wine. Enjoy!    Author Bio Laura writes on behalf of Wild Grapes who are experts in the design and creation of custom wine cellars, bespoke wine racks and they also supply […]

5 Tips – How To Store Wine Like A Professional

When it comes to wine, it’s generally true that the older it is, the better it will taste. But there is one aspect of wine that affects the flavor even more than age, and that’s how it’s stored. You see, how you store wine can directly affect the flavor because of certain chemical reactions and physical […]

Cellar Worthy Wine – Storing Wine vs. Pouring Wine

Among my friends I’m known as the “Wine Girl” the one that people come to whenever they have a question related to wine. These generally range from “what wine should I get for xxx occasion” and “what wine goes with xxx dish” but the one I hear constantly from curious wine drinkers is whether their […]

How To Host Your Own Happy Hour At Home

Tequila! Tequila! Tequila! Learn to host your own happy hour at home and become the host everyone is talking about. It’s not only easy to do and loads of fun, but alot more affordable than you may think. To get started, the very first thing you must do is to send out your invites and ask […]

How To Read Wine Labels – Sifting Through All That Information

There are so many wine options to choose from that it can be quite a bit overwhelming. Gazing at all of the beautiful bottles of wine that come in a variety of colors and shapes is a lot of fun. But how do you know you’re picking the right flavor for the occasion? Simple really, by learning how […]