Freestanding Wine Rack

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Incorporating A Freestanding Wine Rack Into Your Homes Décor

If you are in the market for a freestanding wine rack, one of the first things that you should do is to determine how big of a unit you need. You can easily do this by taking into consideration the amount of wine bottles that you normally keep on hand at any given time. Once you have an idea as to how many bottles of wine you normally keep at home you can start to look for the ideal wine rack that will be able to store all of them away.

Style is important when purchasing a rack for all of your wines. If you are one who prefers the modern look, then a stainless steel or maybe even brass wine rack is a good choice. If you prefer a more rustic and old-school look, you might want to consider a unit that is made out of wrought iron, wood or oak. Make sure you also keep in mind the particular décor of your home before making any final decisions as this will most definitely play a huge role before making your final selection.

Another thing to think about is convenience. Not only for your wine bottles, but for your wine glasses as well. Many people like to incorporate their wine storage with their wine glasses. If you think you may want to keep them together, you need to search for a freestanding wine rack that has a two-tier layer. You can stack your wine bottles on the bottom half while your wine glasses are placed on the top section. This is a really good idea for those who are concerned about space as well. If you have small children running around, they even have smaller countertop models available so the little ones won’t knock the glasses over.

For an industrial look, metal is definitely the way to go. A metal wine rack also tends to add a sophisticated look to any room in the house. Some are shaped like large rings while others are shaped like little boxes or diamonds. You can even customize these types of racks by spray painting them any color to match your home’s décor.

Once you have decided on a style and design, it is time to make your purchase. Here are a few ways to get an affordable yet high quality freestanding wine rack. Major discount retailers carry nice-looking wine racks from some of the leading brands and more popular brands. Online retailers also carry most, if not all, of the available brands and styles at affordable prices. Trade shows that pertain to wine and wine making are also a great place to find good bargains.

One last thing to consider is location. Be sure to place your new wine bottle rack it in an area of the house that’s cool and that has little light and humidity. A few good places that are usually overlooked are the basement, a hallway, the garage, a kitchen closet or in the living room. Walk around your house and just look around with an open mind. You will be surprised at just how many spots would make a really good home for your new wine rack.

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