Home Wine Storage

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The How To’s of Proper Home Wine Storage

One of the main keys to proper home wine storage is having the right temperature for your wines. According to Tallahassee Magazine, the average home temperature is 70 degrees, and the humidity levels of a home are at least 55%. In order to achieve the optimal temperature for storing your wine, the wine room should be at least 55 degrees and with 70% humidity. You also want to keep bright lights away from the wine room and keep noisy furniture to a minimum near the wine room to avoid excessive vibrations.

Over the years, I would frequently store wine in the refrigerator, particularly if it’s opened. But after researching the matter I found out that this is a big no-no when storing wine. The refrigerator is filled with bright lights and bright lights are like kryptonite to wine. In addition, the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer is too cold for wine storage. Your best bet is to purchase a wine cooler.

Here is a little bit of history on how wines were stored in homes way back in the so called good old days. In ancient Rome, wine was stored in glass bottles, and this was because glassblowing was a popular craft in ancient Rome. The interesting fact is that the Romans were able to make wine last 100 years in the wine bottles. However, there were some in ancient Rome stored wine in catacombs because they realized that direct sunlight and excess heat could damage the wine.

One thing to always remember is to make sure you store the wines on the side or at an angle because it keeps the cork wet, which is essential for a good aging of your wines. It’s even better to purchase a wine rack which allows you to store the wines in this manner. This keeps air, heat and unwanted aromas out the wines.

If you want expert advice on how to properly store your wines, purchase one to three books on wine storage and read some online blogs on this topic. Meet with relatives who know about wine and ask them for suggestions, and attend local seminars on wine. Another great tip is to visit wine stores and ask lots of questions about wine storage.

Your wines will last longer and be more enjoyable to drink when proper home wine storage practices are exercised and done properly. Just remember, when the wine is stored at the right temperature, level of humidity, and minimal light is near the wines, you’re creating the right environment to have better wine.

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