How To Achieve Proper Wine Pairing For An Informal Gathering

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Here are a few tips to help incorporate wine into most everyday meals

The Spring and Summer seasons are the most popular times of the year to spend outdoors. This means plenty of Barbeque’s in the backyard, picnics at the park and fun filled days at the beach.


Did you know that there are some great ways to pair wines with all of your everyday, casual meals? Most people that invite their friends and family over for a barbeque just think of the most popular drinks and beer. However, serving wine to your guests and pairing it with delicious grilled food is a great way to enjoy wine on any occasion.

Backyard grilling and a glass of wine to boot

Let’s say you are having a Barbeque and you just put together a great menu! Here are some ideas on what types of wines to pair with some of the most popular Barbeque foods.

Wine Pairing While Grilling Outdoors
Wine Pairing While Grilling Outdoors

When grilling Chicken or pork, the best wines to serve are Sangovese, Merlot and Lambrusco. Grilled steaks pair wonderfully with Chianti, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. When grilling meats or anything that has a lot of barbeque sauce, Chianti and Zinfandel are an amazing match.

Just think about the South Beach food and wine festival in Miami. This is one festival that is famous for mixing and pairing different types of foods and wines together. So who says you can’t do this at home in your own back yard? Think about it, you can have your very own SOBE festival in your backyard and invite your neighbors.

Adding a glass of wine to those everyday burger meals

Wine Pairing With Hamburgers
Wine Pairing With Hamburgers

Burgers are a huge favorite that are loved by everyone. You can use all different types of meats and even salmon to make some delicious hamburgers. Best of all, wine goes good with any burger.

For example:

Turkey Burgers: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris.

Hamburgers: Zinfandel, Chardonnay.

Lamb Burger: Merlot

Salmon Burger or other fish burgers: Chardonnay

Chicken Burger: Sauvignon Blanc

Keep in mind, all of these recommendations are just that and should not be taken as “rules” per say. It’s always best to do a little experimenting and try new wine pairings with your favorite burger, you never know!

And how about wine and pizza?

Wine Pairing With Pizza
Wine Pairing With Pizza

Pizza night is a perfect time to enjoy wine. In Italy, a glass of wine with a meal is an everyday delight. While enjoying your favorite pizza with your guests you can enjoy some of the most delicious wines such as Zinfandel, Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have a meat lovers pizza, pairing it with Merlot is a tasty option. Also, Sauvignon Blanc is a great option for your favorite veggie pizza with lots of toppings.

Just have fun with it, that’s really what wine is all about

Now that you know about wine pairing with a casual dining experience, you can get really creative. Select different foods, find new recipes and new wines to offer to your guests. You never want to host the same party over and over again. You want your guests to be excited each time they arrive at your home, they will be looking for the latest and most interesting wines and foods. Before you know it, you will be the talk amongst all of your friends and neighbors.


Another interesting idea to make your next casual get together interesting is to have a chili cook off at your home. This is a lot of fun and really gets the competitive juices flowing. You supply the wine and pair it of course, so that it will go beautifully with chili. Have your friends compete in a chili cook off and have the rest of the guests be the judges and score them on score cards. The winner can win a bottle of wine or any prize that you choose. This is an interesting and fun way to enjoy wine, get your friends involved and offer a unique casual atmosphere that your guests will be sure to remember.

On any occasion, the most important things is to drink the wines that you love and enjoy them. Sharing beautiful moments and times to remember with your family and friends is the most important thing in the world, and sharing your favorite wines with everyone is a delicious benefit you never want to miss out on. Cheers!

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