How To Store Wine

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A Few Tips On How To Store Wine Properly

It’s not enough to simply buy wine if your goal is to serve the best possible wine to your guests. You need to know how to store wine to ensure that your guests are drinking a fresh, full-bodied and aromatic wine. Here are some things to consider when learning how to properly store wine.

Of most importance in storing wine properly is the temperature of the wine. Wine should be stored in an area of the house that’s at least 55 degrees and you want to avoid excess light and heat because these things could ruin the wine. It’s also important to store the wine sideways because this keeps the cork wet, which keeps the wine free from oxygen.

Here are some ideal places to store wines, and the key thing to remember is that the place you choose must be dark and cool. If your basement is the coolest room in the house, you can store it there but minimize the bright lights in the room. Your attic is also a good place to store the wines but if it generates a lot of heat, find another place. Another area to store wines is in the hallway.

If you live in a small apartment, you may not be able to purchase a large wine rack but you may want to consider getting a wine cooler with a built-in temperature control. This is actually better than a wine rack because the wine cooler will automatically maintain your wines at the right temperature. Make sure the wine cooler you buy isn’t too large for the apartment but also not too small where you can’t store all of the wine bottles that you would like to have on hand.

Here are a few things you need to know in case you are wondering how to store away any wine that may be left over from an opened bottle. Wines typically start to lose their robust flavors within five days after use. White wines that have been opened can easily be stored away by simply putting the cork back into the bottle and placing it in the refrigerator. Opened red wines should never be refrigerated, but instead you should put a cork back into the bottle and place it in a cool area of the room. Another option is to cook with your left over wines whenever possible.

The main reason why you must ensure that air doesn’t get in your wine bottles when you store them away is because any air within the wine bottle will lead to oxidation, causing your wine to have a bitter or vinegary taste. That is why it is so important that you keep your wines in a dark, cool place to keep excess humidity and air out the bottles.

When looking for the best wine rack, it may be less expensive for you to purchase a kit to assemble one yourself but if you are not very skilled in carpentry, then a ready-to-use wine rack may be the better choice. Choose a wine rack that has a beautiful décor and is made of a classic material such as wood, oak or metal. In conclusion, knowing how to store wine is essential to a better enjoyment of, not only the wine itself, but of the occasion for which you are drinking wine to begin with. Cheers!

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