Kitchen Wine Racks

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Wondering About How To Incorporate A Kitchen Wine Rack?

A kitchen wine rack is excellent for complementing your kitchen’s French country-style theme. You can purchase a dark cherry oak wine rack and put your favorite French wines in the rack. If you have ever actually traveled to France and brought back some crafts, you may want to decorate the outside of the rack with them. In addition to an oak wine rack for your kitchen, you can also install a wooden countertop rack with a hanging pot rack above it for a rustic flair.

When you purchase a wine rack with the idea of keeping it in the kitchen, there are a few spots that you need to avoid. Never place it on the island or near the stove because these areas of the kitchen give off excess heat and humidity, which are never good for wine storage. If you have a large amount of wines that you would like to keep in the kitchen, a hanging wine rack may be the best solution for you. Also, make sure to store your wines sideways so that the cork doesn’t dry out, leading to deterioration and a negative taste in the wine.

As for the types of wine you can store in your kitchen, the choices really depend on your personal preferences. Typically in your kitchen wine rack you should store wines that you cook and drink with. For example, my favorite champagne is Chardonnay, so whenever I make butter sauce for my seafood dishes, I keep Chardonnay in the wine rack on my kitchen countertop.

If you have a contemporary kitchen, a metal or stainless steel wine rack would be the best for this setting. Metal or stainless steel racks will give your kitchen a futuristic feel and you can also decorate it with beadings, fabric pieces and other decorations as you see fit for your specific décor. These types of wine racks are typically pretty inexpensive to purchase.

Your kitchen wine rack can also serve multiple purposes if you don’t plan on storing wine anywhere else in the house. You can store your drinking glasses, towels, and even your wooden cookware, such as spoons and spatulas. You can even stuff small decorative colored balls in any empty holes that are not currently being used in the wine rack to complement the theme of the kitchen. For example, if you have a purple and red color scheme throughout the kitchen, a few multicolored balls would tie the wine rack in with the rest of the kitchens color scheme.

Another option is the rare but beautiful ceramic wine racks. These racks are not only unique but compliment and all of the ceramic accessories in the kitchen. These ceramic racks can be found in many different colors, such as red, black and brown. They also tend to add somewhat of an old-school charm to the kitchen.

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