Add Some Elegance to Your Home with a TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet

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Two Dozen Reasons to Have a Get Together!

TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet in Black
TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet in Black

Spend hard earned money on a bottle of wine just to keep it under the sink? Something about that just didn’t seem right to me. So I finally decided to add a little more elegance to my wine keeping experience and bought a wine storage cabinet. I’m not much of a drinker, but I do like to have wine on hand at all times. When I’m in the mood, I just can not help but to indulge myself. That is why I decided to make wine storage a more permanent arrangement. Plus, I like to have something to serve my guests, as well as take a bottle with me when visiting someone.

Considering my needs, the TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet seemed like manna from heaven. It is perfect in every sense of the word. I’m not much of a wine guy. I know how to taste the stuff but not much aside from that. For someone with a passive interest in wine, a wine cabinet is the perfect piece of wine furniture to store some wine at home, just enough to keep the interest alive. Plus, I didn’t have room for a cellar in my home so the cabinet fits perfectly into my dining room.

Just What You Expect from a Wine Cabinet

If you have unrealistic expectations, you are bound to be disappointed by this 24-bottle wine cabinet. It is a primarily utilitarian structure to keep wine at home, safely and securely, and not much else. So, if wine storage is what you are looking for, there are few better options you will find on the market than this one. Granted, there are bigger cabinets with the capacity to hold more bottles, but you really don’t need them unless you plan to operate a bar out of your kitchen.

The cabinet itself is quite sturdy, made of solid wood. The finish is great which lends it a touch of elegance that catches the eye on first glance. There are 18 slots up front where you can keep wine bottles out in the open along with additional storage space withn both sides. Keeping your wine bottles vertical is important to make sure they prevent their taste and that the cork does not shrink. Letting air into the bottle is the last thing you want to do. It could very well ruin the taste of the wine for you. This cabinet ensures that your wine bottles are stored in the proper orientation.

Serve Your Guests Your Finest Wine!

The feature that really caught my attention at first was the sliding top. On top of the cabinet are two planks that slide out and extend over the side. This turns your wine cabinet into your very own serving table instantly. Just lay out the glasses up top, pull out a bottle from the rack below and start pouring away. Every single time I have done this my guests have been mightily impressed. My neighbor was so enamored that he actually went online and placed an order for a TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet of his own.

Brown TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet - Sliding Top
Brown TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet – Sliding Top

I truly beleive that this is the best option for you to entertain your guests while having a conversation at the same time. You don’t need to risk spoiling your living room furniture or having wine spilled on the carpet. Plus, being able to pull out a bottle from the cabinet at a moments notice provides the utmost convenience. This all adds up to creating a great experience for all of your guests. Sometimes I even serve myself when I’m alone. Needless to say, even that is fun!

So, if you regularly have guests over who prefer a drink before leaving, this wine cabinet will kill two birds with one stone for you. You can have plenty of wine at home to serve to them and serve it there and then! That’s what I do and I must say I quite enjoy playing bartender from time to time.

A Stylish and Elegant Addition to Your Home

Made of engineered and solid wood and molded in a contemporary fashion, the TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet is more than just a space for keeping wine at home. In fact, you will feel as though it actually adds to the allure and look & feel of the room you place it in. I was lucky enough to have furniture in the same color so it proved to be a perfect match. Now it sits right here in my living room and compliments the furniture I had bought previously. It gives me another chance to make an impression on my guests.

Easy to Set Up – Just Follow the Instructions

When you order the TMS 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet, you will have to put it together after it is delivered. But don’t worry, you do not have to be a handyman to be able to do so. The instruction manual is quite easy to follow and you should have it completely set up within an hour. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you! Assembling the cabinet yourself does lend a personal touch to it. You will feel as though you have some input into making it the item it is.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

  • Easy on the Wallet – First and foremost, the 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet is economical and affordable. If it were expensive, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. I am a man of limited means and know the value of money and I can say that buying this wine cabinet was a decision that is worth every cent I spent on it. When I have to keep a bottle of wine that cost me a fair amount, I want to know it is in the best place possible and my wine cabinet is just that place from now on. If you think the price is high, just do some comparing and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s really not.
  • Keep the Wine Horizontally – Winemakers will back me up when I say that wine tastes better when it is stored horizontally. For one, this prevents the cork from shrinking and letting air into the bottle. As you know, some wines have limited alcohol content and any air entering the bottle would cause that to evaporate. What you would be drinking will not be much more than just grape juice. So, the 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet allows you to keep the wine bottles the way they are supposed to be kept.
  • Wood is Durable – For an aggressive person like me, having a sturdy wine cabinet is important. Else, I might have broken it by now. Wood remains intact for many years, allowing you to store your wine safely for the foreseeable future at least. Once again, this makes the 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet cost-effective. I have had it for several months now and feel as though I have gotten absolute value for money. Plus, the wine cabinet is in the same state it was when it came in!

Final Word

I must say I am quite impressed by the TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet. I can vouch for the convenience and elegance it provides, not to forget the ample storage space for keeping your wine. TMS is a reliable name when it comes to buying ready-to-assemble home furniture and the 24-Bottle Cabinet is no different. If you are interested in buying furniture for storing wine, you don’t need to look further than the 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet. Place your order right now and have it delivered to your doorstep within a week. It won’t take long for you to get it set up and ready to use! What are you waiting for?

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