Traditional Wine Racks

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An Explanation of The More Traditional Wine Racks

At some point in time, when the hobby of collecting wines becomes something more, storage may become somewhat of an inconvenience. Traditional wine racks have been built to ensure that your vast collection is always kept safe from unexpected mishaps and in some cases, even natural disasters. These storage racks can be massive in size, and are generally built into your cellar or designated storage area.

Normally these types of racks are composed of both concrete and wood to support the wines. In most cases, a wooden bottom is installed to provide added support to the wine bottles placed at the bottom. They also have specifications for what type of bottle you would like to store. For instance, the depth can range from 225mm for single bottles all the way to 535 mm for double bottles. Thus, depending on your collection, you will have to construct accordingly, taking into consideration the future purposes as well.

In some cases, these wine racks are used to store Champaign bottles, meaning that the size of the holder needs to be tailored to the girth of the bottle. There are many companies that dedicate themselves to the construction of these particular racks, yet the cost is not very cheap. They are really only intended for people who have a grand selection of wines and wish to keep them safe from unfortunate accidents. The cost can range way into the thousands of dollars, depending on size and complexity of the build. Either way, they provide the necessary protection and reassurance that a serious wine collector desires. It is almost like a vault for your valuables, except this vault is created specifically for your valuable wines. There are some of these wine racks that take up entire rooms, and at the same time there are some that merely occupy a wall. Depending on the grandeur of your collection, you can tailor one of the more traditional wine racks for your specific needs.

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