Wine Accessories

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A Guide for Choosing Essential Wine Accessories

Joining and becoming one of the millions of wine enthusiasts all over the globe requires knowing exactly what sorts of gizmos or gadgets you need to enjoy wine drinking. Truly, there are numerous essential wine accessories that you need to take pleasure from wine drinking.

Most people believe that the word accessory is mainly defined as anything that adds usefulness, enjoyment, and enhancement to the main object. Just like any other accessories, essential accessories for wine may not be necessary, but they add more enjoyment and enhance the whole experience of wine drinking.

The first and the most important wine accessory is the corkscrew or a wine bottle opener. There are many different kinds of bottle openers for wine bottles in the market today. The winged style, commonly known as “waiter’s friend” or “wine key”, is the most common corkscrew that most people use. Its name describes exactly how it looks like, it has a winged style. When the center screw is inserted in the middle of the cork of a wine bottle, a lever on both sides rises up. And when the lever-wings are lowered it causes the cork and the inserted screw to rise up and come out of the wine bottle.

After opening the wine bottle, the second essential and must have accessory is a wine glass. “A certain glass for a certain wine”, as commonly believed by most people, is unnecessarily what the case should be. For red wines, a large and broad bowl with big bouquet style glass is widely used. For white wines, a small glass helps its subtle aromas to concentrate. For limited budgets, most companies today create a universal wine glass that suits both red wine and white wine. They have attractive designs and are inexpensive.

A wine bottle stopper is another must have accessory for your wine. These wine bottle stoppers come in various styles and colors that fit different personality and taste. It usually comes in plastic and metal, solid metal, or metal and cork. These wine bottle stoppers are excellent in closing an open wine bottle, protecting the wine form air contamination and preserving the wine for a certain period of time.

What else do you need aside from having a wine opener, wine glasses, and wine bottle stoppers? Of course, you would need a wine rack. Racks for wine are available in numerous styles that compliments whatever décor you currently have in your home. They include wall mounted styles, free standing and hanging styles and counter top styles. They also come in a variety of materials from wrought iron to wood.

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