Enjoy Your Wine At The Optimum Temperature, Wine Coolers and Wine Chillers Will Do The Trick

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I’m sure you’ve heard it before, most people say you should always drink wine at room temperature, right? Well, that really depends on your location. You see, room temperature in a chalet somewhere in Europe is not the same as room temperature in Arizona. This is why I normally cringe when I hear that statement. Especially when it’s said by the person serving me a glass of wine in a not so cool environment. The truth is, the ideal temperature for serving your wine is from 45°F for most white wines to 60°F for most reds with 55°F being the ideal temperature for storing wine. For this reason, wine coolers and wine chillers are a must for any serious wine lover.

But Do I Really Need One

If you’re still not sure whether or not you need a wine cooler or chiller, here’s something to consider. Most people store their wine bottles in a wine rack of some sort somewhere in their home. The problem is that most wines will start to prematurely age and eventually spoil if exposed to temperatures higher than 73°F. Another factor that contributes to the degradation of wine is light. That’s right, a bottle of wine sitting on a rack will begin to spoil if the sunlight coming through your windows can get to it. And lastly, the level of humidity that the wine is exposed to can influence the aging process. Now granted, if you are just storing a few bottles of wine and are frequently consuming them and constantly replacing your wine stock, then this should not be a concern to you. A single bottle wine chiller may be all you need to ensure that when the time comes, your wine is served at the right temperature. However, if you plan on storing a larger amount of wine bottles for more than a few months, than you may want to seriously consider a wine cooler to store them in. These refrigerated cabinets are the ideal method for storing and keeping wine in the perfect environment.

The Difference Between The Styles

The style of wine cooler or wine chiller that you choose should be based on your wine consumption habits. The chillers designed to hold one or two wine bottles are ideal for the space conscious individual who is seeking to maximize their wine experience. Then of course there is the larger coolers designed to store dozens of wine bottles at the perfect temperature. Some of these larger units even have the capacity to control the humidity within the storage chamber to further protect the wine. In either case, you would be doing yourself a great service by investing in any one of these accessories. Believe me, your taste buds will love you for it.

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