Wine Coolers – The Ideal Way To Store Your Wine

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The best investments that you can make as a wine lover is to buy a high quality wine cooler. Although most wine drinkers do not see the need for one, the reality is that if you are serious about your wines, a wine bottle cooler will enable you to enjoy a glass of wine at a moment’s notice. This is especially important if you entertain guests often. In this article you will learn some of the basics behind owning a wine chiller or cooler.

Wine Cooler 1 12NOV2012Before placing your wine bottles into it, your wine cooler should have an approximate temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius. You should also keep it away from any section of the house that gives off light as light can ruin your wines. For example, you would not want to store it in the kitchen because of the fact that cooking gives off a lot of heat. In addition, most kitchen use bright lights which can make it difficult for your cooler to maintain a constant temperature.

When you store wine properly in your cooler, it allows you to serve the wine appropriately to guests. This is especially important when you get those special guests who are particular about how they want wine served to them, you know who I’m talking about, we all get them. As for wine glasses, you want to make sure to choose glasses that are made of clear and light glass. The ideal wine glass is one that has a thin rim and wide bowl.

Wine Cooler 2 12NOV2012As for serving, remember to only fill the wine glass half full with chilled wine. This will help keep the wine at the right drinking temperature while being consumed. An over filled wine glass will just lead to warm wine half way through the glass. You should also remember to serve the white wines before the red wines. And when serving red wines, you should serve the light red wine before you serve the heavy red wines. If some of the wines you want to serve are too cold, just take them out of the cooler before your guests arrive so they can be at room temperature.

The goal is to store your wine bottles in a high quality wine cooler in the darkest and coolest part of your home. This will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy the wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that the wine you serve is of the best quality, and your guests will surely appreciate you for it.

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