Wine Storage Refrigerator

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What to Know When Buying a Wine Storage Refrigerator

Every wine lover wants to have the best wine storage refrigerator. But before buying one, it is important to ask a few questions to ensure that you get the expected returns for the investment that you are making.

When buying a refrigerator for storing wine, make sure you select one with the correct capacity. Over a period of time, your wine consumption is bound to increase. For example if your current consumption is 50 bottles, you should consider getting a refrigerator that can store up to 150 bottles. This takes into account your future consumption or occasions where you need more wine. Check whether the mentioned capacity is correct. Certain bottles like Burgundy bottles, Champagne and Magnums occupy larger space. Also, if you are planning to install pull out shelves then the capacity goes down drastically.

Before making your purchase, make sure that you check the specifications including operating conditions. Most of these wine refrigerators are designed for domestic in house use under moderate conditions. But if you have a south facing apartment or a non air-conditioned environment for longer periods of time, not only will the compressor burn out but the wine will also be cooked, if you use a wrong kind of refrigerator. Hence it is very important to use proper insulation and compressor depending upon the environment.

Before buying a refrigerator, make sure that you have measured the space it will occupy in the house and that it will fit in the designated area. Also find out if your floor can support the weight of the fridge. Wine refrigerators can weigh up to a ton and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you have narrowed down your choice, consider your budget and whether you would need the extra capacity, removable shelves or any other special features. When all is set, complete the purchase and install the refrigerator. Remember to take proper care of it, as it is an appliance and not just another piece of furniture.

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