Wood Wine Racks

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Wood Wine Racks – The Favored Choice of Collectors

Wood wine racks are the trailblazers of wine racks with their tradition dating back for centuries. They are associated with the same traditional custom of using corks for sealing wine bottles. Although they were originally built for the sole purpose of storing wine, their significance is still recognized today. That’s why wood remains the favored choice of wine collectors when they think about purchasing a new wine rack. It doesn’t really matter which sort of wood you want your rack to be built with. As wine connoisseurs would say “any wood is better than no wood at all”.

The wooden wine rack symbolizes warmth and says a lot about the owner. Choosing a wine rack made from wood distinctly reveals your special care and love for the rich traditions of wine storage. However, there is a lot more to wood than just beauty and warmth. The wood actually assists in maintaining the microclimate of the room and also helps the cork from drying out thus preventing the spoiling of the bottles content.

Another important characteristic of wood that needs to be mentioned is that the wood itself is a natural habitat for mold, which is what lives on those old and precious bottles stored in cellars. The wood actually speeds up the mold production and provides the ideal environment for the mold to live in. It also helps to prove the bottle’s real age and continues to play a significant role in the storage of wines that are hundreds of years old and extremely expensive.

Another huge advantage of wood is that these wine racks offer some of the best storage systems for the bigger collections of wine. Everything from custom made cabinets to stackable modular racks can be easily made from many different types of wood. Often, people even incorporate wooden wine racks into their décor as furniture.

Now, are you wondering which kinds of wooden styles and designs are best suited for you? Honestly, this is not a very easy question to answer. You see, a wood wine rack must first and foremost match with the overall style of the furniture and ambiance of the room where it will be placed. Next, you must match the natural color of the wood to the color of the furniture in your room; it will make it seem more natural. But be careful, you don’t want to overdo it with the design. You just want to display your wine bottles in a nice wine rack and not make it seem as though you are trying to hide them in the furniture.

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