Wooden Wine Racks – A Touch Of Class In Any Room

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Wooden Wine Racks – A Touch Of Class In Any Room

One of the best wooden wine racks that you can purchase is the stackable rack because they allow you to store away as many wine bottles as needed in one place to save space in the home. They also give your home a sense of class while at the same time being extremely durable. If your collection consists of both red and white wines, the stackable rack is ideal because it gives you the ability to segregate your collection by using the different levels to divide your wines according to type for easier selection.

If being eco-friendly is important to you, some of these wooden racks are made from recycled wood. You can usually find these types of racks at green-based house ware stores, online retailers and even green living events in your local area. Another advantage of these racks is the fact that they can be easily decorated. One way is to take some wood varnish and apply it to the wine rack. After you let the wine rack dry for five to six hours, paste some tiny beads and gemstones onto it to create a Mediterranean look.

If you prefer to have the ability to move your wooden wine rack around, make sure to choose a rack that has rollers. However, since the constant moving of wine bottles isn’t a good idea because it alters the quality of the wine, this may not be the best choice unless you absolutely have to move it around and hopefully it will not be something that you are doing too often. You should also consider the area where you will be storing your wine. It should always be in a cool place that is nowhere near any heat and direct sunlight. This is why the kitchen or your backyard patio are not ideal wine storage places.

Temperature is key when it comes to wine storage. You need to have really good temperature control when storing wines so the room you place your rack in should ideally be between 55 and 60 degrees to ensure proper aging of the wine. And remember to never place your wine rack in an area where there is heavy vibration. This is also a big contributor to spoiling your wine prematurely.

I am always asked which wines I recommend and to be honest, my response is always “the ones you like the most.” However, there are a few that I feel should be a part of everyone’s collection. With that said, it’s always a good idea to have a few bottles of Beringer wines on your wine rack because they have a full-bodied taste and are not overly sweet. My favorite Beringer wines are the red Moscato, white Zinfandel and the Chardonnay. If you like red wines, you should get a few bottles of Merlot, port and Chianti wines. But like I said, go with your own taste on this. At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying a nice glass of wine and only you can really make that determination. Cheers!

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