If The Rustic Look Is More Your Style, Wrought Iron Wine Racks Will Fit Right In

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If I had to pick a favorite style of wine rack, I would have to say that wrought iron wine racks are by far the most appealing to me. It’s probably because of the many novel styles and shapes available. Not to mention the hand made craftsmanship that the wrought iron wine rack exhibits. The wrought iron look fits in wonderfully with design styles such as colonial, victorian, english, old world or even mediterranean. That’s not to say that it would clash with other design styles. In fact, the wrought iron rack is such an eye catcher that it fits in with just about any home decor. Whether you decide on a tabletop rack or a free-standing server, these wine racks are sure get many compliments.

Too Many Styles To Decide On

Deciding on which wrought iron rack to purchase is totally dependant upon your own personal preference. You may like the vine look that some display with leaf accents or you may prefer the bare wrought iron effect of others. You may even want to consider one of the wrought iron and wood combinations that make up some of the server bars, wine buffet tables and bakers racks. Some of these are also available with a variety of stone tops. They are just perfect for an all-in-one wine storage and serving center. Other options are wrought iron hanging racks, tabletop racks, and wine caddy’s. The choices are practically endless. As far as matching up your new wine rack with your existing decor goes, with wrought iron, you need to focus more on the style of rack you’re considering versus the finish. Although wrought iron wine racks come in different finishes, the style is what will really make it fit in.

Sizes And Shapes A Bit Overwhelming

Just as with any other wine rack, the main thing to consider when determining which size to purchase is the amount of wine bottles you plan on storing. Location is also key due to the different sizes and shapes that wrought iron racks come in. And if you are sold on an all-in-one stand alone unit, keep in mind that you will need to store various wine accessories such as bottle openers, glasses and maybe even a wine chiller is you choose to due so. All of these items will require a bit of storage space and should be planned for when narrowing down your options for the perfect wine rack.

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